What we do

What we do

Bringing images to life

Each film is individual because we all have a unique story to tell

2STEP media provides a cost-effective promotional video service

Your video can be used on websites, but more importantly can be ‘posted’ onto social media sites and emailed to clients. The uploaded film will give online viewers a richer understanding of what you offer. Unlike a paper flyer through the door - which usually goes straight from floor to recycling - your existing customers are likely to re-post to other people, who re-post to more people and so on. Videos can also be used for training, or shown in reception areas, conferences and exhibitions.




Promotional Videos  -  Training Videos  -  Documentary Videos

Working with you

Discuss needs





The Shoot

Set up equipment



Keep from under your feet!

Leave as we found


Edit video footage

Choose music

Show client rough cut

Finalise video

Deliver in chosen format

Working with you

We work closely to understand your requirements and how you want to see your business promoted, before coming up with ‘storyboards’ of how ideas will translate into the finished video and how it might look. We write the script or help you to do so. Once everything is agreed, we record, edit and post-produce the video. When you are happy with the edited film, we provide the final version in a format suitable for where it is to be used, such as on your website or YouTube.

The Shoot

We record using HD cameras, lighting and high quality sound equipment as required and our award-winning experience ensures the creative input and smooth running of the shoot. At the agreed time, we  arrive and setup, before going over any last minute requirements with you. We rehearse and record everything needed to make the video, then 'it's a wrap'. We plan the day so that any disruption to your normal business is kept to a minimum.

Editing and Post-production

We edit the video using industry standard software, adding extra sound, animation and visual effects as required. We record commentary and help you choose music as needed. Picture quality is adjusted, special effects added and sound mixed to enhance and get the most from the components.  You will be shown the video, then make any changes to the edit. Once you are happy, the final version can be supplied in a format to suit your requirements.

Promotional Videos - Highlight your business

Different types of promotional video include:

Video testimonials

Services you offer clients

Advertising on digital signage

Promotion and product launches

Showing your business in action

Product case study and demonstrations

Possible uses include:

A way to support sales

Direct mailings

DVDs or websites

As part of a marketing package

On a marketing stand

As part of a presentation

Showing on digital signage in shopping centres or on displays at your offices

Product demonstration and 'how to' guides on your website or social media

Benefits include:

Increases customer awareness of your company

Creates a memorable image associated with your company

More sales from first contact by clients thanks to the contents shown

Demonstration of the product/service in action

Showing a long production process in a moment

Training Videos  -  Educate and entertain

Different types of training video include:

Communication with staff

Staff motivation and training

Customer Service

Health and safety

Product assembly and usage tutorials

Possible uses include:

Social Media and Web pages

Published as internal communication

Used in training sessions or training seminars

Included with the product packaging

Benefits include:

Increase productivity and reduction of resource wastage

Correct execution of tasks

Workflows or processes are shown clearly and coherently

It gives a stimulus ion further discussion

It increases efficiency

It averts potential problems

it improves company standards

it spreads important information in an easily accessible way

Documentary Videos   -  Inspire and motivate

Different types of documentary video include:

Telling the Company story and history

Project or product documentary

Project or product evaluation

What happens 'backstage'

In-depth collection

Possible uses include:

Videowalls or monitors at exhibitions and trade fairs

TV broadcast

Social Media and Web pages

Part of a presentation

Reception and corporate events

Historic record of an evenits

DVD or commercial rights for re-use of video content

Benefits include:

Inspires and motivates staff or customers, involving and inspiring them

Gives an honest and transparent message about who you are

Reporting of a project's impact

Increase in awareness for staff, the public and customers


Advice on suitable and cost-effective solutions and options for your video; help and support on technical concerns and all

steps in the production process. Once a commission is complete our commitment continues with ongoing support  if needed.